WISPR Vaporizer Review- WISPR Takes Vaporizers to an All-Time High

Whether your everyday routine requires a vaporizer or you’re only an occasional user, you need to consider the brand new portable Wispr Vaporizer. You’ve heard about it and I am here to tell you that it’s worthy of all the publicity it’s been getting on the Web, and in trade magazines like Gizmodo and Wired.  It exploded on the scene a few months ago and is still going strong.  The WISPR in it’s simplest form is a high end portable vaporizer that is very easy to use and very efficient.

What’s So Great About The WISPR Vaporizer?

For one thing, recent studies have concluded that the WISPR offers a higher quality vapor and longer continuous time of usage (as much as three hours) than any of its major competitors, including sister product the Iolite.

The WISPR Vaporizer permits you to look at the butane fuel level whenever you wish, and avoid running out of fuel at inconvenient times. Even better, the WISPR vaporizer’s butane delivery system and mouthpiece have been improved. (And those improvements have won patents, so you know they’re special.) The upshot is that the WISPR can be held at any angle and can be stood upright, so it will suit any need to which you put it.

What Does It Come With?

The WISPR Vaporizer includes your first can of high-quality butane, along with a 7-dot filling chamber with heater mesh screen, a moisture condenser, and the patented new, flexible mouthpiece.

It also includes an instruction manual, which reminds you always to use the highest-quality butane with the machine.

Who Makes It?

Oglesby & Butler have been making the Iolite Vaporizer and other heat controlled units for over a quarter of a century. Their products are known world wide for their reliability and durability: For years, users have claimed that try what you will, you cannot break or destroy one of their units. That may be an exaggeration but not by much. Their products are built to last.

They are betting their reputation that the portable WISPR will add greater luster to their brand.

What Can I Expect to Pay For It?

Currently the best available at VapeFully. Each of these mail-order stores provides high quality and fast service, and even offer free shipping.

Is It Worth the Price?

Up top I implied the WISPR was perfect for regular or occasional use, and that’s certainly true. But money is tight for a lot of people, and if you use a vaporizer only occasionally you might want to consider going with the Magic Flight Launch Box.  Now please keep in mind that while the Magic Flight is over $100 less than the Wispr, this cost savings comes at a price. You are firefighting some serious quality and the difference is noticeable.  That being said, any vaporizer is better than no vaporizer, so the choice is yours.

For the regular user, however, the WISPR Vaporizer is simply a must. The longer vaporizing time, the better quality vapor and superior draw, and small, easily handleable and concealable size are not available with any other model. (You will also find it quieter than most other vaporizers you’ve tried, which for many people is a major plus.)

As a final little bonus, you can order the WISPR Vaporizer in five different colors. Choose your favorite!