Why a Vaporizer Reviews are Important?

Welcome to Generalvaporizernews.com.   For those of you who don’t know, what is an acronym for “for the win”  and I picked this term because there really is no downside to owning a Vaporizer.  The point of this website is to spread awareness of all the benefits of owning vaporizers as well as provide you with Vaporizer Reviews  of all the newest and greatest (and sometime not so great) vaporizers that are available on the market today.  First though, let’s talk about what a Vaporizer is.

Vaporizers have been around for over a decade but in the last few years their popularity have EXPLODED mainly due to the current health craze going on in the world.

A Vaporizer is a device used to extract and inhale the active ingredients of herbs, spices,  and oils, mainly used in herbal healing practices, medical marijuana patients, and more.  The traditional way of using herbs would be to put it in a pipe and smoke it with the use of a lighter.  Unfortunately, there are some major health risks involved with smoking herbs or oils frequently through combustion.   For one, when you smoke her via combustion, you are literally burning everything in the bowl and inhaling smoke.  This is really bad for your lungs (and every other part of your body that the smoke hits).  In addition, it just isn’t necessary because in most cases, the active ingredient you are looking for is only a small part of what you have packed.

Let’s take medical marijuana for example.  When you smoke it via combustion out of a bowl, you light the entire bowl and smoke it until all that is left is ash.  Yet the active ingredients in medical marijuana account for less than 50% of the material that you have in the bowl.


Then there is the lighter.  You are inhaling both butane and the heat from the flame, neither of which is good for you at all.  If you ask any doctor if it is ok to smoke herbs via combustion they will say it is not a good idea.  As bad as cigarettes? No, of course not, but still a bad idea. Ask a doctor whether it is safe to use a Vaporizer and he will say yes 99% of the time.

A vaporizer bipasses the combustion method all together and ONLY extracts the active ingredients you want, and leaves the rest of the ‘waste’ behind.  Lets take the medical marijuana example again.  Remember how when you smoke with a bowl you are left with nothing but ash?   Well when you use a vaporizer, after you are finished vaporizing, you are left with actual WASTE.  It looks like the herb except its lost its color.  All that waste, which you can either throw away or use for edibles is material that you would of otherwise inhaled for no good reason if you used a normal bowl or bong or pipe.

The bottom line here is, for what you’d pay for a nice custom glass piece, you can get a much more efficient device that is countless times healthier for you.   And efficient it is.  You will save a MINIMUM of 20% more herb if you use a vaporizer because of how efficient it is.   That is one of the chief advantages for people who don’t really care about the health risks.  They love the fact that it saves them money by not having to use as much herb.

In the coming days I’ll be writing more articles about Vaporizers, including some Vaporizer Reviews, and link you to the cheapest places to get the highest quality vaporizers.