VripTech Heat Wand Review

At first glance, The VripTech Heat Wand 3.0 may look something like a light saber or some kind of futuristic hair straightener, but in reality this odd looking device is one of the best herbal vaporizers money can buy. The Vriptech vaporization system employs a heat wand in conjunction with a water tool in order to produce some of highest quality vapor extractions possible.

I say this with all honesty, no bias, I’m not getting paid to say this, THIS IS THE BEST VAPORIZER I HAVE EVER USED. Ever. Volcano? I don’t even know what that is. What makes this vape so friggin amazing? Lets dive right in.

VHW 3.0 Overview

At first glance the VripTech Heat Wand can look a little menacing but believe me it is not nearly as hard to use as you might think. The VripTech VHW itself is pretty light weight and in my opinion not something I would consider “cumbersome” while holding.

I purchased the Vriptech 007 VHW Kit because not only does it include a virtually indestructible Pelican case with a lifetime warranty but also perfectly stores and protects each piece of the fragile VripTech Heat Wand VHW 3.0 set up. This heavy duty case will make you feel like the James Bond of vaporizing. If you have any plans at all to bring your VHW anywhere but home I would say the Pelican Case is 100% a must have accessory. The case is of such high quality I honestly I can’t picture any piece breaking while inside.

The Vriptech VHW can only be used with a water tool or water pipe! I know from experience that when you add ice/cold water filtration vapor taste and and quality can only improve, and as I would come to find out, Vriptech has damn near perfected the process. I do stress that ice is a must and should not be overlooked. Small cylindrical ice cubes work best if you can find/make them.

VripTech makes their own water pipes which are the first to be specifically designed just for vaporizing, however, one of these water tools is not absolutely necessary to use the heat wand, you can use almost any water tool. If you don’t already have one I recommend grabbing VripTech Water Tool Pro or PerK. I bought the PerK because a friend of mine who already had a heat wand set-up said it would work best.

The VripTech Heat Wand 3.0 connects to an upper intake attachment (basically an extended bowl/herb chamber) that should be purchased along with your VHW. The upper intake comes in several sizes to fit almost any standard “glass on glass” (14mm and 18mm) or “jet-flo” (9.5mm/12mm) classic/slide connection.

First Time Using the Heat Wand

Turning on the VHW Wand was simple, there is a dial on the wand right below where the glass heater cover is. I found that the recommended 7-10 minute heat up time doesn’t allow quite enough time for the VHW to get up to optimal temp. For best results, turn it all the way up at first to heat for the first 10 or 15 minutes and then from there you can adjust it lower if you find your vapor too hot.

I placed the the heat wand snugly inside the upper intake for about 15 to 20 seconds and then it was time to rip. I did one initial pull to get some vapor moving through the water tool and then exhaled, as instructed by the Vriptech vaporizing guide.

Then I took my first full vrip and got a massive blue cloud of some of the best tasting vapor I have ever tasted (this will also depend on the quality of your material of course). This was the first of many vrips to follow that day, and countless since then. The performance of this vaporizer is truly mind-blowing. Props to Mark at Vriptech on creating what has come to be my personal reference standard for all other vaporizers in terms of vapor quality and most importantly effect.

I have yet to find the vaporizer that can compete with the Vriptech VHW in terms of effectiveness in delivering the highest concentration of active herbal  ingredients. The experience itself is most enjoyable and really allows you to become a connoisseur of sorts. The VHW vaporizer really accentuates the subtle flavors and floral aromas produced from dried herb in a way most other vaporizers can only claim to.

After Consistent Use

After using the VripTech heat Wand for about 3 or 4 months now I can honestly report it has not suffered in performance or vapor quality at all. Upkeep on the Heat Wand is solely dependent on how well you take care of your water tool. So clean your water tool as often as necessary. That is really the most important to always experiencing the best the VripTech Heat Wand has to offer.

The only negative thing I do have to say about the VHW overall is the fact that during the time I have had this vape I have broken the glass heating wand cover twice so far. The replacement part for it is also not cheap (generally $100) and can take a little extra time to ship to you since it is hand blown glass.

VHW Final Thoughts

I love this vape. Thinking forward I can’t imagine me using any other vaporizer unless I’m forced to, except when I might want to use a balloon system or need something portable. The VripTech 3.0 set up does constrain you to at indoor use so I will always have other vapes I’m going to be using, but when I’m home it is all Heat Wand, all the time.

I really have used this thing every day I have had it in working condition, only excluding the times I broke the glass cover, and I have yet to see a decline in vapor quality, heating time, or vaporizing efficiency. The Extreme Q turned me into a true believer when it comes to vaporizing, the VripTech Heat Wand turned me into an all out fanatic.

In summation, buy the heat wand. Buy it now. Buy it twice. Make your friends buy it. It is so worth it. You’ll thank me later.