Volcano Vaporizer Review #2

Not many people know that the Volcano Vaporizer is hand made in germany. From automobiles to lenses, German craftsmanship are known throughout the world as among the best.  So if you’re going to inhale something into your lungs, you might as well have German engineering behind you.


That’s what you get with the Volcano Vaporizer. “Volcano” is the right name, this thing packs a punch for sure. The delivery method for this vaporizer is via a balloon bag attachment. You are able to easily adjust the size of the balloon so that you don’t bite off more than you can chew.  The Volcano comes with a full roll of the bags so you can replace or make new ones of different sizes as desired.


The Volcano is a product of Storz & Bickel and is without a doubt the crown jewel of all vaporizers, mighty pricey but well worth it. When you use the Volcano, whatever you inhale will reach you along the healthiest and safest possible path.

Which Volcano Vaporizer To Buy?

1)  Your first decision is whether to go with the classic or digital model. The classic offers a dial which will allow you to select heat adjustment on a 1-10 scale, while the digital permits the choice of a particular exact temperature. You pay an extra $130 for the digital model. The models are comparable in all other respects.  The classic is more popular sales wise, probably due to the significantly lower price.  I personally use the classic.


2) Next, you decide the type of valve you want to go with. The “solid valve” is what I use and what I suggest.  It is more sturdy doen’t feel cheap and temporary like the easy valve. It needs to be cleaned every few weeks if used heavily but this takes 2 mins. The “easy valve” doesn’t require cleaning but you have to replace it after a month to two.   Both valves cost the same so I guess it’s personal preference but I prefer the solid.


volcano vaporizer


Other than those decisions, the Volcano is a snap. Once you plug it in and turn it on, the warmup process takes about three minutes. You load the medicine into the bowl, attach it into the balloon, and turn the unit on.  Once the balloon is filled with vapor, throw on the mouth piece and inhale. Simple. And effective.  The Volcano Vaporizer is very popular with people dealing with high levels of pain who need increased levels of medication.  I’ve tried all sorts of vaporizers but the volcano by far has the biggest punch of any vaporizer I’ve ever tried.  If you have a high tolerance, this is the unit for you.

One of the Volcano’s proudest and most popular features is that it requires much less medicine than other comparable devices to achieve the same effects. Testers report having to use as much as 50% less medicine than other methods, specifically water pipes, to achieve the same effect. I own multiple vaporizers and the Volcano is by far the most efficient.

There’s no denying that you’ll be paying a lot more for the Volcano than for any other vaporizer on the market. But when you tote up all the advantages – especially the savings on medicine – I figure it’s worth it.

Should you be worried that your money is misspent? No way. Both the classic and digital models of the Volcano Vaporizer are protected by a three year warranty.


Bottom Line

If you want the best vaporizer available and can stomach the cost, get the Volcano.  It is the most effective, highest quality vaporizer I’ve ever tried and I use mine daily.   There really is no other competition, this is the best of the best.

Below is a list of the current best prices we found and where you can buy volcano vaporizer.  We have listed a Europe seller as well for our international friends.  This is so you guys don’t let slammed on shipping prices.