Volatizer VM2 Vaporizer Review

It first needs to be noted that the Volatizer VM2 is an accessory for your water pipe, so make sure you have one before thinking about buying the VM2 Black Beauty. The whole basis of this vape is it attaches to your water pipe and uses an internal water filtration and convection to extract the essential ingredients from your herb. The Volatizer VM2 comes with a special connector that is designed to slide down the stem of your water pipe.


Since the Volatizer VM2 really is just an accessory for your water pipe the cost is relatively surprising at around $230. I would think something that requires something else to actually operate would be far less expensive. Looking past the price, the Volatizer VM2 is still a fast and efficient way to vaporize. The Volatizer VM2 is going to give you the same vaporization experience but get more out of your herb than most other vapes. So in a way it will be paying for itself anyway.

What do I like about Volatizer VM2 Black Beauty Herbal Vaporizers?

I really like the idea they had with the Volatizer VM2. Honestly, most looking into vaporizing already own a water pipe and probably use it a lot and most likely spent a decent amount of money on the thing. With this vape you won’t be rendering your old water pipe useless, which I thought was nice.

The whole process of vaporizing with the Volatizer VM2 really couldn’t be simpler. The stem for your water pipe that they supply to put your herb in has an extra wide bowl so that you can spread the herb out evenly and get the most out of the blend.

Here’s a list of what you’ll get with the Volatizer VM2:

  • Volatizer VM2 Heating Unit
  • Leather Carrying Case
  • Power Supply
  • Glass Bowl Attachment
  • Instruction Manual

What it ultimately comes down to is this makes it very easy to get started in vaporization. On the portability side of things it is about as portable as your water pipe is, because the VM2 itself is rather small and could be transported around easily. Also I really liked the leather carrying case it came with. Pretty high quality and not bad looking.

Click over here to see the fast step by step instructions I used for this vape.

Like I said, I really like the idea the VM2 is using. Combining their product with your water pipe to deliver a really nice vaporizing experience. I still think that for something that requires you already owning a water pipe the Volatizer VM2 is a little on the expensive side but conversely you do get an exceptional amount of vapor out of your herb.

The difference in how long the herb lasts is definitely noticeable with the Volatizer VM2.