Vaporizer Types

Benefits and draw backs from different vaporizers

Each vaporizer style can have strong and weak points, so the goal is to highlight these so you can find which vaporizing experience is best for you.

Box Style Vaporizers

Strengths: A box style vaporizer usually employs a vapor whip for direct inhalation and this is a great way to vaporize. By having the vapor travel through an extended tube it gives the vapor plenty of time to cool down before reaching the user. The cooler the vapor the less harsh it is.

Weaknesses: With a lot of box style vaporizers you are looking at a longer heat up time. There are a lot with short heat up times but in general they will take some time to heat up. Also with some box style vapes the vapor whip can some times heat up and be hot to the touch.

Portable Vaporizers

Strengths: The obvious strength for a portable vaporizer is portability. For anyone who is on the go a lot and wants to vaporize for the health benefits these vaporizers are perfect for you. Whether it be a smoke break at work or during a night out. You can find portable vapes as small as an egg, like the Vapman for example.

Weaknesses: Portable vaporizers tend not to deliver the same quality vaporizing experience you may get from table top vapes. The vapor quality tends to not be as good and might be a little more harsh as well.

Water Pipe Vaporizers

Strengths: If you already have a water pipe and don’t want it to go to waste these vaporizers work right with the water pipe so you won’t have to. They pass hot air through your blend that is placed in the water pipe. These are ideal because they give a great amount of vapor off and passing it through the water cools the vapor significantly. Some come with a water pipe like the AroMed and other don’t like the Volatizer VM2.

Weaknesses: With a water pipe being used you can tend to wear out your blend faster than if you use a box style vaporizer or a portable one. So less bang for the buck more often than not.

Balloon Inflating Vaporizers

Strengths: When using a vapor balloon there is usually a mouthpiece that will lock in the vapor. This is convenient because you can fill it up and sit back and inhale at a pace comfortable to you. It is the method employed by the #1 selling vaporizer the Volcano for a reason. It is considered by most to be the best method of vaporizing.

Weaknesses: Really there aren’t any weaknesses or drawbacks when using a vapor balloon. They are easy to clean and easy to store. You really can’t go wrong with the balloon inflation method.