Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer Review

In the Vaporizer world, Magic Flight Launch Box is known as the cheapest legitimate vaporizer available.   It’s been around for years and has been a best seller from the get go.  While the mflb might look a bit ghetto, it is efficient and was designed with cost in mind.

The vapor quality is surprisingly good given how simple the device is. Magic Flight won’t give you anything close to performance or convenience of the higher end units, but if your budget is on the low end this is vaporizer for you.  And lets not forget, the most important thing is getting a vaporizer (regardless of model) for the health benefits and the herb savings.

Magic Flight Box isn’t just popular with people looking for a cheap vaporizer.  It’s is also great for people who only use vaporizers occasionally. Others keep their permanent machine at home while they have a use for a portable unit and don’t wanna shell out the cash for the high end models.

For all of those reasons, it shouldn’t be shocking that hundreds of thousands of satisfied users including yours truly owns a mflb.  At $119, it is the cheapest vaporizer that is of decent quality.


Why MFLB Rules

Everything about the Magic Flight is small, not just the price. It heats up and is delivering vapor in three seconds, the fastest of any vaporizer out there. Its size is small: 2.5 x 1.25 x 0.9 inches. Most people don’t realize how small it is until they hold it.  Super portable. If you don’t want anyone to see you use your medicine, this is the device of choice.

The efficiency of mflb (and all vaporizers for that matter) is awesome. You can realistically make back your money from buying magic flight within a a month or lessif you use it regularly just from the savings in herb cost.  Nobody realizes how wasteful pipes, water pipes, joints, etc are.   Not only are they unhealthy for you, but very wasteful.


Another amazing perk is the almost unheard of lifetime warranty offered by the Magic Flight Box people. Regardless of the reason or how far in the future it happens, if it stops working, they will send you a new one.

It is very easy to use.  It may look weird in the picture but its very easy as you can see if you watch the below video.


Why Magic Flight Doesn’t Rule

Its battery life is one of the potential downsides: You can expect to receive about twenty large pulls per rechargeable battery before needing to recharge.  But mflb comes with two rechargeable batteries and a wall recharger.

Another downside is the quality of the vapor as it compares to the higher end units. Don’t get me wrong, it’ll do the job, for sure, and I still use mine occasionally. You’ll get a workable vapor that will provide the effects you desire. But it can not be compared to say the Pax Vaporizer or the Volcano Vaporizer.

The fact that you have to cary 3 parts with you when on the go is a bit of a downside. High end units like Pax for example is all in one.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Magic Flight starts up as soon as you insert the battery. As a result, it’s critical that you be sure to remember to remove the battery when you’re finished using the device.

Product reviews provided on line by reviewers of the Magic Flight are overwhelmingly favorable. That’s because those who purchase the Magic Flight probably do so because they buy it out of limited funds and with limited usage in mind. They know what they’re getting and are satisfied with it.

If, like those many reporting users, your expectations are realistic, and you don’t look for Volcano Vaporizer performance, you can be quite happy with the Magic Flight Launch Box in the right situation.