Hand-Held Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a Quality Hand-Held Vaporizer

When choosing any vaporizer there are certain things you want to look for especially, but with hand-held vaporizers you need to be extra meticulous. The reason being is, with a hand-held vaporizer, there are many different things at work that can deliver a sub-par vaporizing experience. When narrowing it down it ultimately comes to design, power supply, portability, and the heating element.


The design of a hand-held vaporizer is very important for the simple reason that you will be holding it while vaporizing, so it directly correlates with comfort. A lot of hand-held vaporizers out there try too hard with design, instead of just keep it simple. You want to look for a design that has a slim design, even if it is tall like the Vapir NO2 for example. The reason being is you will be able to comfortably hold it and still have one hand free. Conversely, if it is powered by a butane torch or lighter you will want to look for something small and compact. There is no reason for a vape powered by a lighter to be large at all.

Example of a good hand-held design: Vapir NO2

Power Supply

There are two different power supplies you will most commonly run in to when looking at a hand-held vaporizer. They will either be a rechargeable battery of some sort, whether it be a lithium ion battery or rechargeable AA batteries, or a vaporizer that is powered by butane or a lighter. On some vaporizers you also have the option of using a car charger which is always convenient, so keep an eye out. The best way to go is a rechargeable lithium ion battery. They recharge much faster than standard rechargeable batteries and definitely last longer.

Example of a good power supply for a vaporizer: Vapir Classic Rechargeable


Some hand-held vaporizers can be a little deceptive with portability. Where some vapes may be extra small they can sometimes be difficult to transport. A perfect example would be any vaporizer that is made of glass or has glass parts. Levels of portability can usually be measured in how sturdy the vaporizer is. You don’t want to be transporting a frail vaporizer around hoping you don’t break it. Look for something made of wood and if it appears it can fit in your pocket that is even better.

Example of a very portable vaporizer: Magic-Flight Launch Box

Heating Element

This is most important when choosing any vaporizer, let alone a portable one. The heating element has a heavy influence on the taste and harshness of the vapor. The absolute best heating element you can go with would be a glass one, as it delivers the best taste. Coming in a very close second would be a ceramic heating element. You want to avoid any butane cartridges as much as possible. The butane tends to come through in the taste of the vapor most of the time.