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The Noble VP600 arrived in a professionally printed package, plenty of Styrofoam packing, included 5 extra screens, 5 extra fuses, wooden stick, a very nice 3pc silver grinder with a black felt bag, ground glass whip with a screen, glass oil diffuser (handle on the back broke off during shipping, I dont think I would touch it hot anyway so I let it go) and the heating unit with a fuse. The unit is made of metal and feels sturdy, nothing inside rattling.

Looking inside the unit it was clean, compicated looking, the fan in the back blows over a glass chamber containing the heating element that opens to the glass ring on the front so the fan cools the inside of the unit and does not blow into the whip, it is about as loud as a computer fan and comes on and off I dont know what triggers it yet . The whip has a sticker on it that left some residue so I heated the unit too 500 degres and wiped it off every few minutes for 20 min then cooled the unit to 195 degrees and noticed no strange oder when inhaling through the empty whip.

Going from 62 degree room temp to 195 takes an average of 2:45 I found my best temperature to be 197 each time, so if the temp is not correct it is consistant. The ground glass whip sticks on the unit very well we easily passed the tube around without worry of it falling out, and it appeared to make a pretty good seal on the heating element. The vapers were pretty thick, not too hot, and impressed all who have tried it so far. I was impressed with how many hits i got from my material.

The lights on the ring reflect and flash in the rings of the whip and look a lot cooler than I thought, you can turn those on and off with a switch on the back. Overall I am impressed with this vaporizer, it looks really cool and works great. It looked pretty solid but I will be care full with it because I hope it lasts me a long time, I paid $85 and think it was a steal and bet we start seeing a lot of these.