5 Easy Steps on How to Use the Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Step 1: Turn on the Silver Surfer

First you are going to want to turn the glass temperature knob to the maximum setting and let it heat up for a half hour. This is not something you must do every time you use it, it is just a one time thing when first opening it to burn off the manufacturers packing oils on the ceramic heating element.

Step 2: Heat up the Silver Surfer

After that is finished you want to turn the heating knob all the way down and then about 1/3 of the way back up depending on preference. By now you should have grounded your herb as fine as possible.

Step 3: Pack the Silver Surfer

Now you want to scoop or pinch the herb into the bowl of the glass hand piece. Fill it about 1/6th of the way so you don’t waste any of the herb.

Step 4: Begin use of the Silver Surfer

Next place the bowl end of the whip to the top of the ceramic heating element. When placed together they should fit perfectly. When you put them together it is going to heat the herb and when you pull you will draw in the essentials while leaving everything else behind, like all vaporizers.

Step 5: Refill the Silver Surfer

You are going to know when the Silver Surfer is kicked by the taste. Not something you can explain really, it doesn’t taste bad but you will definitely know. All you need to do now is replace the herb and repeat as much as you want.

Tip: After turning on the Silver Surfer give it an extra minute or two to heat up, I found that waiting a bit longer the vapor was more enjoyable.

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